Sandown Garden Club

Community Improvement Grant Program


The Sandown Garden Club offers Community Improvement Grants to fund projects that will further the club’s goals:

· To share the knowledge of gardening with the community.

· To increase the beauty of the town’s public and historic grounds.

· To encourage the preservation of native plant species and encourage respect for the environment.

· To promote gardening techniques that conserve natural resources.

Who May Apply

Applications will be accepted from individuals, organizations, community and civic groups, schools, and businesses in Sandown. Each applicant may submit a maximum of one project per month. Applicants may not seek a grant for a project that is already being funded by the applicant’s organization or another entity.

Application Process

Applications are processed as they are received. The executive board of the Sandown Garden Club will review applications to determine their merit. Applications that pass this first review will be presented to the full club membership for a vote at the next business meeting. Business meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of each month from March to December.


Applicants may request $50-$200 for a project to be completed within the calendar year. Funds may be applied to the purchase of trees, shrubs, bulbs, plants, seeds, mulch, containers, etc. Native plant species are preferred. Please be cautious not to use invasive plant species.

No funds shall be used for administrative costs, salaries, tools or transportation.


Applicants shall maintain an accurate record of all expenditures and shall submit, if requested, these records upon project completion.  Upon completion of the project, the grant recipient should notify the president or treasurer of the Sandown Garden Club and submit a photograph of the completed project.


Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

· Project goals are clearly stated and contribute to the Sandown Garden Club’s mission.

· Project budget is presented in detail, describing specifically how money will be spent.

· Need for project is adequately described.

· Project does not duplicate existing programs.

· Project proposal includes a plan for any necessary maintenance, such as watering, weeding and pruning.

The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any project application and will respond to all applications.


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